Encountering Jesus.

Jesus is our first priority. We believe in a ‘Jesus plus nothing’ Gospel: The centrality and sufficiency of Christ, the head of the Church, our saviour, healer and deliverer. As we deeply encounter Jesus, we will experience his grace which leads to a transformed life! Each follower of Christ is called to carry His presence here on the earth, releasing kingdom purpose wherever we go. We believe the presence and power of God is not optional as the Gospel is a gospel of power.

Connecting People.

Every person is known and loved by God and so it is important to us that people are loved and accepted. The church should be a community of people who love, care for, value and esteem one another, a place where people ‘belong before they believe.’ Every person in our church should be needed and known.

Empowering Lives.

The church exists to “make” disciples and so we equip people for life and ministry. God empowers us with his Holy Spirit expressing spiritual gifts and abilities. We too should empower people, making opportunity for them to fulfil their calling and ministry potential and releasing them into their destiny.

Honouring one another.

People should be shown honour and respect because they are made in the image of God. Honour means giving weight to someone or something. Honour brings out the best in people. A culture of honour allows us to receive from each other, making room for the different graces God is releasing through us. Honour treats people according to who God says they are and not according to their past.

Living Generously.

The most generous act of all time was that Jesus gave his life so we might live. He is our example of a life lived generously and sacrificially.  As Christ empowers us we choose to live generously with our time, finances, and abilities.